Our History

It All Began with a Waffle Iron 
When the Eleiko bar was introduced in 1963 the world of weightlifting was stunned – a bar that could last an entire competition without bending or cracking! 

The history of the strong weightlifting bar begins at the small factory in Halmstad – a factory that manufactured electrical products. In 1957, the supervisor Mr Hellström, who worked on assembling waffle irons, received permission from the managing director, Mrs Johansson, to produce a sample weightlifting bar. As it happens Mr Hellström had a fervent interest in weightlifting, a sport which at the time had big problems du to weightlifting bars breaking all the time. A bar of a special, hardened kind of steel was produced, as well as metal weightlifting discs. The knurling of the bar appropriately received a waffle pattern. 

1,000 World Records 
Since that day the Eleiko brand has set a new standard that has revolutionized the world of weightlifting. Big words, we know, but with thousands of national and international championships and 1,000 world records the Eleiko brand has proved itself. 

On-going Product Development 
Eleiko has been heavily involved in the development of the weightlifting sport. In the late 60's the first solid rubber discs were designed and distributed around the world. The new discs were replacing the old metal discs and still you can find these old “rubber wheels” in training halls. 

In the beginning of the 80's Eleiko introduced an superior version of rotating sleeves, which revolutionised the sport and overnight improved the results by two to three kilos! 

Today Eleiko offers a wide range of products for weightlifting: bars and barbells, platforms, racks, benches and accessories – all products made to Eleiko’s high standards. Participating in international competitions is an important part of our evolution. It is there, surrounded by lifters and coaches, we get the inspiration for our product development. Our mission is to continue to serve athletes worldwide with methods and products to obtain and develop maximum physical strength in the world of weightlifting.