The Flipper

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Brand Milo Fitness

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QTY TS-04 / Black and Silver $ 2,595.00
The Flipper


You want a better way to train. Big, dirty tires just don’t cut it. For starters, who wants to find their training “equipment” at a junkyard? They fill with water when it rains, and attract mosquitoes and spiders. Perhaps most importantly, their fixed weight can’t be tailored to match the various strength levels of its users or increased as the athlete gets stronger.
Don’t get us wrong. Tires are useful and have their place – on trucks.

It’s time to incorporate something more sophisticated — and safe – into your training regimen. The Flipper.

The Flipper offers:

  • a high-intensity total body workout
  • improved performance through progressive strength training
  • the ultimate test of total body strength, flexibility, endurance, and explosive power


What Is the Flipper?

This innovative apparatus will prove to be a pivotal piece of any high school, collegiate or professional strength training program. The movements that result from its use closely mimic those of a lineman in football. For those unfamiliar with “tire flipping,” these motions have tremendous carry over into performance in other sports.

What’s more, the Flipper was designed, patented and tested by fitness industry veteran, Kevin Abelbeck, who holds 20 utility patents. Kevin’s passions are product engineering and human physiology, and he combines the two any chance he gets.


Olympic-sized weight plates can be added or removed for a customized workout. The diagram demonstrates user movement from transition phase to over.


Length: 67.2 inches
Width 30.0 inches
Height: 23.5 inches
Weight (with no plates): 260 lbs
Maximum weight load: 620 lbs

Length: 73.2 inches
Width: 30.0 inches
Height 23.5 inches
Weight (with no plates): 295 lbs
Maximum weight load: 835 lbs



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