Eleiko Sport - For Champions

At Eleiko Sport, our passion is to support champions...champions of today and tomorrow. Since 1957 we have been producing bars and strength equipment that have been used by thousands of athletes around the world. With quality, professionalism and customer service as guiding principles, we are a strength training equipment supplier that you can rely on.

Number One

For more than 50 years, Eleiko has been the leading brand in the professional sports of weightlifting and powerlifting. The Eleiko products are delivered to over 160 countries and are often seen on the world’s largest championships. The Olympic Games in London 2012 is only one of them.

Free Weights for Professional Sports

Eleiko delivers high quality free weights equipment to the professional sports community around the world. We believe that olympic lifting is a sport for every sport and we are passionate about its benefits to professional athletes.We believe in functional training methods, the right equipment and hard work. That is what makes a Champion.

1,000 World Records

In 1963 an Eleiko barbell was used for the first time in an international weightlifting championship. Since then, more than 1,000 world records have been set with the Eleiko barbell. The success is derived from its optimal balance, the firm but not too sharp grip, the synchronized smooth rotation and perfect flexibility.

Outstanding Quality

When the first Eleiko barbell was introduced in 1963, it stunned the world with its’ performance. For the first time a single barbell could be used in a competition without being bent or cracked! The high quality is still the guiding star for our product development and we continuously work with the finishing touch.

Outstanding Safety and Performance

Every Eleiko product undergoes a stringent safety and functional control procedure. For example, each Eleiko barbell is subjected to a force of 1,500 kg and the discs are drop-tested on concrete 5,000 times. All is done to ensure maximum safety and performance! 

Functional Strength Training

Thanks to all the years of working with professional weightlifting, we have acquired a broad and deep knowledge in the field of functional strength training. Today we not only offer a full range of equipment in the field, but also courses and workshops.

A Company to Trust

A deal with Eleiko is a deal that you can trust. From the first inquiry to the delivery and the after service. We respect our customers and always aim to create win-win situations and build long term relationships. We think that doing business is more fun that way. Maybe this is why so many of our customers constantly come back. Over and over again.