Brand Ambassadors

Let us introduce our team – a team of strong men and women that are positively contributing to the lifting community as a whole. Some of them are World Champions. Others are Champions in their daily life and work. But most importantly: they are our friends, they love lifting and want the world to discover its benefits. Together with these Ambassadors we want to promote Olympic lifting as a sport for every sport, as well as the most effective method of strength training. By inspiring the next generation of lifters and encouraging involvement in functional strength training, we are creating a stronger world.


My name is Spencer and since I was little I’ve been called “Spec” – as in “Specimen” because I’ve always been a pretty talented athlete. My dad was also a talented athlete and has taught me how to handle myself on and off the field; he continues to inspire me.  If athletics didn’t pan out for me, I would be quite happy designing buildings as an architect and spend my free time playing golf or pickup games of any other sport.  For me it’s all about finding a balance between finding things that make me happy, like my fiancé Erin or a good meal, and helping others find happiness.  

Spencer is a 5x Reebok CrossFit Games competitor and part of the NPGL’s Boston Iron


My name is Bjork and I don’t have any nicknames but I do get called lots of different variations of Bjork depending on what country I’m in! My family is the most important thing in my life. Even though I live far away from them and spend a lot of time traveling, I take every opportunity I can to see them because it’s my family, friends, and achieving my goals that make me happy. I’ve had some amazing experiences in the last couple years - being on the Phoenix Rise and competing in Grid, as well as performing on Gladiator inspire me to continue working hard in my training. And of course there’s nothing better to train with than Eleiko equipment. My barbell is my favorite – nothing compares to the spin!

Bjork is a Reebok CrossFit Games competitor, part of the NPGL’s Phoenix Rise, and a Gladiator.


You can call me Frederik or Fred – I’ll answer to either.  I’ve spent my life in athletics with Grid and CrossFit being my current endeavors. I am constantly inspired by the desire, will, and determination I see in those sports and beyond.  Being part of my girlfriend Annie winning the 2012 and 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games was hugely inspirational and exciting for me. My interests extend beyond the gym, though; I am happiest when I am spending time with the ones I love and when I have a dog by my side.  Overall I am interested in health and wellness: if I wasn’t participating in CrossFit and Grid I would be doing research in genetic engineering to try and map the pathways of human performance.  

Frederik is a Reebok CrossFit Games competitor and Coach of the NPGL New York Rhinos.


My friends and family call me “Vic” or “Crazy Vic”.  It’s those people that call me by my nicknames that make me happy - my family, friends and my girlfriend.  Training and competing, though, make me really happy.  I’ve always been involved in sports.  I was pretty good at ice hockey, but more important than my talent in that sport was that I always worked hard and continue to do so today.  Being inspired by the athletes around me and other successful people, like entrepreneurs, helps fuel my dedication; watching people make their own decisions and go their own direction I find truly inspirational.  I’m lucky enough to have inspirational people around me and the best equipment in the world to train on: my Eleiko barbell is perfection!  

Viktor is a Reebok CrossFit Games regional competitor and a coach.