Eleiko PL Training Bar - 20 kg

$ 899.00

QTY Eleiko PL Training Bar - 20 kg $ 899.00
Eleiko PL Training Bar - 20 kg

Eleiko PL Training Bar - 20 kg

Meet the Eleiko Powerlifting Training Bar - built for world class powerlifting.

• 215,000 PSI Swedish steel and 4 bronze bushings for unmatched performance and durability
• Competition grip designed for max attempt lifts

A Bar for Professional Powerlifters
With resilient bronze bushings that withstand loads up to 3300lbs and 215,000 PSI tensile strength rating, the Eleiko Powerlifting Training Bar is an extremely strong bar for extremely strong people. It has been engineered to IPF specifications and is nearly identical in construction to its competition twin – so you can train to win.

Maximum Strength Grip 
We put a lot of thought into the perfect grip for powerlifting training. 

First of all, we made sure the grip was balanced. It had to be sharp enough to give you full control of the weight. 
But not so sharp that regular training became uncomfortable. 

Then we adjusted the sharpness upward for professional level powerlifters. 

Finally we ditched the Hard Chrome and instead use an old school Zinc coating. So nothing gets between you and the steel. 

215,000 PSI Swedish Steel 

Made with one of the world’s purest steels from Sweden, the Eleiko PL Training Bar is ferociously strong. It would take 215,000 PSI (pounds of pressure per square inch) to break it apart.

Standard bars have a tensile rating of 130-140,000 PSI.

Built to Last a Lifetime
At Eleiko, we use a proprietary steel treatment to make your bar even stronger and more flexible - so it can snap back to perfect form after each use.

Extra strong bronze bushings allow sleeves to handle extreme load.

10 Years Warranty
Eleiko PL Training Bars come with a 10 year warranty covering any manufacture flaw (but not normal wear and tear). With proper care, your Eleiko PL Training Bar will handle a human lifetime of heavy use.

Warranty terms and conditions
To be dropped on protected floor, recommended Eleiko Platform. Not to be stored loaded on a rack. Indoor use only. Normal wear and tear does not fall under warranty.

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4 bronze bearings


215,000 PSI tensile strength






Integrated cap design


None - raw steel

“The Eleiko” made its international debut at the Weightlifting World Championships in 1963, where it stunned the world as the first bar to last an entire competition fully intact.

We use materials up to 9 times more expensive than what you find in lower quality bars. Every bar is still manufactured personally in the small town of Halmstad, Sweden.

We know this makes us one of the more expensive options out there. 

And we make your bar worth every penny.

A steel-wire brush is included with your bar for cleaning chalk and dead skin cells.

For your own safety (as well as bar care) we recommend dropping bar only on Eleiko platform or similar quality surface.

Keep your bar beautiful: do not expose the coating to extremely sharp edges and humidity.