Eleiko Powerlifting Bars

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Eleiko Powerlifting Competition Bar, 20 kg
QTY $ 949.00
Eleiko Powerlifting Training Bar, 20 kg
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The Eleiko Powerlifting Bars are extremely strong bars for extremely strong people. Made with one of the world's purest steels, Eleiko Powerlifting bars are exceptionally strong with resilient bronze bushings engineered to withstand loads up to 3300 lbs. A proprietary steel treatment adds strength and flexibility, ensuring the bar snaps back to perfect form after every use. We put a lot of thought into the perfect grip for powerlifting, and the ends result is sure to please. It is aggressive and sharp, ensuring your grip will hold even when going for your max lifts.  


This bar is perfect for someone who trains primarily powerlifting movements, squat, bench press and deadlift. This bar is an all bushing bar and would not be appropriate for performing the snatch or the clean and jerk.


  • Both the training and competition bars have been engineered to IPF specifications.
  • Eleiko Powerlifting Competition Bars are IPF certified, calibrated down to the milligram and millimeter, and discarded if we find the smallest functional or aesthetic blemish.
  • We put a lot of thought into the grip for each of these powerlifting bars.
    • The Eleiko Powerlifting Competition knurling is deep, sharp and does not let go. To ensure 100% contact we add no coating layers so nothing gets between you and the steel.
    • The Eleiko Powerlifting Training Bar has a more balanced grip. It is sharp enough to give full control, but not so sharp that regular training became uncomfortable. Finally, we ditched the hard chrome and instead use an old school zinc coating.
  • 215,000 PSI Swedish steel and 4 bronze bushings for unmatched performance and durability





Grip Diameter

29 mm

29 mm


4 Bronze Bushings

4 Bronze Bushings


215,000 PSI tensile strength

215,000 PSI tensile strength


Competition – Aggressive


Center Knurl



Shaft Markings




Integrated cap design

Integrated cap design




Bar Length

2200 mm

2010 mm

Sleeve Diameter

50 mm

50 mm

Sleeve Length



Loadable Sleeve Length



Max Load

1500 kg/3300 lbs

1500 kg/3300 lbs



10 Years


The Eleiko bar made its international debut at the Weightlifting World Championships in 1963, where it stunned the world as the first bar to last an entire competition fully intact. Eleiko has since earned a reputation for unmatched quality and performance. Our champion approved bars have been used to set more than 1,000 World Records, a number that keeps rising as athletes chose Eleiko and raise their bars high, smashing more records in the process.  

The characteristics of our proprietary Swedish steel, rigorous testing and high tensile strength has been the foundation upon which our bars and reputation have been built. Back when it all began in 1957, Eleiko worked closely with our Swedish steel supplier to make a unique steel, a proprietary mix that was pure and incredibly strong, yet flexible as well. The Eleiko steel is known for its unique characteristics, offering an exceptional balance of strength and flexibility optimized for lifting. Each bar has a knurling that is optimized for each distinct use.

We select the finest materials and components, and our reputation for quality and craftsmanship is well earned. Our barbells are hand crafted in our Halmstad factory. Special Swedish steel forged for Eleiko serves as the foundation of our bars. From there, skilled craftsmen meticulously build each bar - turning the sleeves, applying the knurling, and ensuring the final assembly is done to our exacting standards.  Eleiko bars are rigorously tested, the performance unmatched and our quality guaranteed. When you buy Eleiko you are making an investment in the best equipment available; equipment that can be found in daily use decades after it has been delivered.

As a testament to our commitment to quality, and provide documentation that each bar has met our high standards, every Eleiko bar leave our Halmstad factory with a certificate stating the date of production, batch number, and serial number, signed by the craftsman in control. The bars are packed in high quality, custom packaging to ensure they arrive in a timely manner, in the same pristine condition they left our factory. Our bars are backed by our lifetime guarantee.  

A steel-wire brush is included with your bar so you can keep it free of chalk and debris. For your own safety (as well as bar care) we recommend dropping your bar only on an Eleiko platform or similar quality surface. To keep your bar beautiful, do not expose the coating to extremely sharp edges and humidity.

Our warranties range from lifetime, 10 and 2 years and cover manufacturing flaws and defects. Eleiko bars are to be dropped on protected floor, we recommended an Eleiko Platform. They are not to be stored loaded on a rack, and are for indoor use only. Normal wear and tear does not fall under warranty. Find full warranty details and descriptions here. (https://www.eleikoshop.com/pages/warranty-limited-liability)

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