Eleiko WL Training Bar - Power Lock, 20 kg, men

$ 869.00

QTY Eleiko Olympic WL Training Bar, Power Lock, 20 kg, men $ 869.00
$ 869.00
Eleiko WL Training Bar - Power Lock, 20 kg, men

Eleiko Olympic WL Training Bar - Power Lock, 20 kg, men 

Product features - when Power Lock collars are used

• Full attachment of collar to sleeves of bar.
• Simple and user-friendly.
• No need to tighten collar between lifts.
• Ideal for multiple repetitions.
• Swedish Eleiko steel and quality.

• 215,000 PSI steel and 10 precision bearings for world-class performance.
• Perfect elasticity, rotation and grip: ”The Eleiko Feeling”
• Built to last a lifetime.

World-class weightlifting training
Ten precision bearings help minimize friction to enable smoother transferral of weight at high speeds. (Imagine 60-tonne machines which have to operate quickly.)

The large number of high quality bearings also ensures that the weight does not lock as a lift is in progress, helping prevent injury to the wrists and shoulders – or worse.

Combined with a grip specially developed for weightlifters and Swedish steel which stores elastic energy, this creates the unique "Eleiko Feeling" – you have to experience it to believe it.

215,000 PSI Swedish steel
The Eleiko Olympic WL Training Bar is manufactured using one of the world's purest grades of steel, providing natural elasticity and unbelievable strength. It would require 215,000 PSI (pound-force per square inch) in order to break it.

Bars have an average value of 130–140,000 PSI.

Constructed to last a lifetime
Eleiko utilizes a proprietary steel treatment technique to ensure our bars are sufficiently strong and flexible to maintain their perfect shape over time.

Even the chrome surface layer is elastic, guaranteeing a long (and rewarding) lifespan.

Fully quality checked
Your Eleiko bar is subjected to the most rigorous series of quality checks imaginable.

As well as undergoing ultrasound and magnetic particle inspections, your Eleiko Olympic WL Training Bar is put through five manual tests. We then gave it a unique identifier so every detail about its assembly can be tracked.

10-year warranty
Your Eleiko Olympic WL Training Bar is covered by a 10-year warranty. This covers every conceivable structural defect, although not normal wear and tear. Treat it with care and your Eleiko bar can withstand a lifetime of intensive use.

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10 needle bearings


215,000 PSI tensile strength






Integrated cap design


Special Chrome


“The Eleiko” made its international debut at the Weightlifting World Championships in 1963, where it stunned the world as the first bar to last an entire competition fully intact.

We use materials up to 9 times more expensive than what you find in lower quality bars. Every bar is still manufactured personally in the small town of Halmstad, Sweden.

We know this makes us one of the more expensive options out there. 

And we make your bar worth every penny.

A steel-wire brush is included with your bar for cleaning chalk and dead skin cells.

For your own safety (as well as bar care) we recommend dropping bar only on Eleiko platform or similar quality surface.

Keep your bar beautiful: do not expose the coating to extremely sharp edges and humidity.